Monday, December 7, 2009

Are people Blind?

How did the world become so cruel and unusual? Has it been in a slow decline since the beginning of time and finally we have reached the point of no return? I think that very few people in this world have eyes that are open, eyes that can see what is really going can everyone be so blind? is it by choice that they don't see..or is it that they were never taught to see?..are there people out there that choose not to see because what they see is frightening? I go out into this world and I am subjected to constant darkness..confusion..mis-information. I find very few people that can stand to look beyond their own nose..It seems like every time a little light starts to shine in the darkness..someone has to blow it out..why are people so afraid to view the world of reality?..I'm sure all of you have watched the movie " The Matrix" like most, the first few times I watched it I thought it was a good sci-fi movie, and I didn't read much into it..but upon further viewings ..I made a connection to it and real life, Now I'm not saying that we are all actually plugged into a computer somewhere..but we might as well be. we live in a world that is made up for us to keep us pacified while the life is sucked from us, then we are disposed of. So while I am asking the question why do people refuse to wake up..or to take the red pill I guess, is because like in the movie..most people are not ready to see the world as it really is..they are comfortable in the Matrix and they want to stay that way....I find myself feeling like the character in the matrix..that wants to just be plugged back in..unfortunately once your out..your out for good.

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  1. you have spoken about what a tragedy John Lennons' killing was, i agree, but just for a moment, look at the other side also. mark chapman. a tragedy also. his mind was so off that he did something that noone would do, if their brain worked right. im sure he lives with the agony of what he did daily...our world is corrupt, and we have to hang on to the things we know are right, or we will fall in also.